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July 2012

ASIS International wishes to congratulate and welcome the professionals who recently passed the CPP, PCI, and PSP examinations.


Dale Vincent Aragon, CPP
Peter Aschenbrenner, CPP
Romeo N Bautista, CPP
Phillip A Birdsall, CPP
Ffiona E Boyd, CPP
Adam Brown, CPP
Yan Byalik, CPP
Brian S Carmoodie, CPP
Keith A Cheese, CPP
Timothy Condon, CPP
Dean R Cooper, CPP
Sandy H Darden, CPP
Corin M Dennison, CPP
Paul R Evans, CPP
Duane K Finley, Jr, CPP
Susan Fraser, CPP
Laurence D Freeman, CPP
Wilfredo F Gonio, CPP
Daniel R J Hogan, CPP
Dawn Holmes, CPP
Stuart C Hughes, CPP
Christopher Jones, CPP
Andrew G Kelly, CPP
Charles D Kirby, CPP
Darrell L Kingore, CPP
Diana S Loughner-Klevansky, CPP
Enrico Maldari, CPP
Jioacchino P Mattera, CPP
Kevin P McCabe, CPP
Ian A McCulloch, PSP, CPP
Debra G McKenzie, CPP

Damian R McLoughlin, CPP
Mosia Mmese, CPP
Mpho Mogodiri, CPP
Stacey T Osborne, CPP
Andre Bertrand Paradis, CPP
Sterling L Parker, CPP
Cedric S Proverbs, CPP
Md Anisur Rahman, CPP
Navin Ravi, CPP
Joseph J Reuter, CPP
Stephen Rodenhiser, CPP
David Rolfe, CPP
Julie A Schneider, CPP
Charles Scott, CPP
Kelly M Senados, CPP
Shahid Sharif, PSP, CPP
Walter R Simmons, CPP
Paul Sinclair, CPP
Robert M Skelton-Scott, CPP
Kevin D Smith, PSP, CPP
Samuel J Stone, CPP
Cindy A Svenkeson, CPP
Jason Teliszczak, CPP
Kevin C Whaley, CPP
Andrew J Wilkin, CPP
Andrew Williams, CPP
Joseph L Wolf, CPP
Peter A Woods, CPP
Corbin W Young, CPP
Bernard J Zapor, CPP


James Carroll, PCI
Camilla A Herron, PCI

Colin J Spring, CPP, PSP, PCI


Amer I Al-Tayyan, PSP
Richard E Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP
Eduardo De Diego, PSP
Ashton L Hayes, CPP, PSP
Johan G Hurter, PSP

Michael J Kanaby, CPP, PSP
Aarif S Khan, PSP
Mathieu Leduc, PSP
Kyle R Mann, PSP
Jeffrey D Worrall, PSP

April 2012


Matthew R Bettenhausen, CPP
Tripp Brinkley, CPP
Angelito B Calixtro, CPP
Jeremy Cantrell, CPP
James A Cole, CPP
Vincent M Delgado, CPP
Brion P Gilbride, CPP
William X Hearn, CPP
Eric Howard, CPP
Aran T January, CPP
Kevin C Jordan, CPP
Lina Li, CPP
Bryan J Margeson, CPP

Eric R McGarty, CPP
Elias Munshya, CPP
Ali Maji Odoma, CPP
James E Pacina, Jr, CPP
Bobby Price, CPP
David A Prout, CPP
Percy Ryberg, CPP
Jose B Salazar, CPP
Gordon E Sheek, CPP
Andrew A Stephens, CPP
Thor Thomsen, CPP
Donald L Treece, CPP


Louis A Arroyo, PCI
Paul J Michaels, PSP, CPP, PCI
Michael C Pacini, PCI

Allen L Phelps, CPP, PCI
Lauren Zieja, PCI


Allen Blegay, PSP
Thomas C Lord, PSP

Jonathan Nikolaou, PSP
Silas Hao-Wei Wee, PSP

March 2012


William H Alexander, CPP
Dilip M Badhe, CPP
James M Barnes, CPP
Royce D Cox, CPP
William A Dee, CPP
Erik H J Engstrand, CPP
Fred R Foerster, CPP
Laurence P Gorman, CPP
Lee A Grandstaff, CPP
Ashton L Hayes, CPP
Jeffrey R Hoaglund, CPP
Dennis Johnsson, CPP
Nicholas P Lakis, CPP
Scott Largent, CPP

John McGrath, CPP
Raymond Marciano, CPP
William McQuade, CPP
Leanne M Meyers, CPP
Kenneth L Miller, PSP, CPP
Wayne A North, CPP
David W Queen, CPP
Michiel F Reinecke, CPP
Christian Stenner, PCI, CPP
Stephen C Vogle, CPP
Jason R Weis, CPP
James W Wilson, Jr., CPP
Jeffrey Zisner, CPP


Jodene O Barth, PCI
Matthew A Benkert, PCI
Larry Hughes, PCI
Thaddeus C Hugues, PCI



Olufemi Ajayi, PSP
Michael J Anderson, CPP, PSP
Pamela Berezny, CPP, PSP
Paulette M Hale, PSP
Joel N Ivory, PSP
Henrik Nelson, PSP

Joshua O Mitchell, PSP
Terry A Robinette, PSP
Tyrone P Thompson, PSP
Andrew G Weaver, PSP
Michael W Zoia, CPP, PSP

February 2012


Abrar Ashraf, PSP, CPP
James P Bernhardt, CPP
Julie Doquiatan, CPP
Justin J Jackson, CPP
Matthew J Lee, CPP
Michael P Looney, CPP
Joseph W McGalliard, CPP
John D McKay, CPP

Arturo Mendez, CPP
James I Norris, CPP
Freddy D Poindexter, CPP
Robert A Prady, PSP, CPP
Steven G Roark, CPP
Roy David Scates, CPP
Thomas Shaffer, CPP
Thomas D Taylor, CPP


Mark E Davis, PCI
Matthew V Robinson, PCI
Paul G Wulf, CPP, PCI



Yick-Wai Chan, PSP
Tanawah M Downing, CPP, PSP
Elton D Dye, PSP
Mark L Erwin, PSP
Scott Farrer, PSP
Thomas S Fernstrom, PSP
Sanja Kontrec, PSP

Chananchai Kontrong, PSP
Harri Koskinen, PSP
Jennifer McLamb, PSP
Daniel R Miller, PSP
Martin W Reffner, CPP, PSP
Warren L Smith, PCI, PSP
Nachiket Shrikant Vaze, PSP

January 2012


Phillip N Benne, CPP
Kent K Brazelton, CPP
Adarsh V Chauhan, CPP
Martin Deslauriers, CPP
Murat E Eren, CPP
Gary L Fitzgerald, CPP
Alberto J Garcia, CPP
Judy L Gibb, CPP
Adam Incher, CPP
Robert Mauchline, CPP
Aaron M Morningstar, CPP
Elman B Myers, CPP

Arowosafe O Olarewaju, CPP
Steven T Osokie, CPP
Lian-Peng Peh, CPP
Stanton H Perez, CPP
Andreas Rappe, CPP
Jimmy Duane Reeves, CPP
G Scott Shoffer, CPP
Kevin R Taylor, CPP
Vivek Kumar Tiwary, CPP
Steven Ursell, CPP
Joey L Whitmoyer, CPP
Gary I Wilson, CPP


Tom H Alexander, PCI
Michael W Pope, PCI
Scott D Quiggle, PCI

Erica N Rice, PCI
William J Tracy, PCI


Timothy Anderson, PSP
James Guy Elder, CPP, PSP
Susan A Follmer, PSP
David W Harrison, PSP

Stephen M Ingham, PSP
Ake Norrby, PSP
Brett Smith, PSP
Richard J Wright, PSP

December 2011


Robert C Bayne, Jr., CPP
Jasmin Besic, CPP
Clarence D Bonner, CPP
Randolph C D Brooks, CPP
Paul Chaves, CPP
Stanley Jack Choffrey, CPP
Kenneth Christopher, CPP
Kenneth Cummins, PSP, CPP
Deepak Dadhwal, CPP
Nathan Daly, CPP
Lateef Olanrewaju Deinde, CPP
Hubert N Fontcha, CPP
Grant R Goins, CPP
Mark Grabowski, CPP
James M Johnson, CPP
Brandon Kehl, CPP
Martin Krepart, CPP
Todd Lacy, CPP
Bobby J Lambert, CPP
Matthew J Lang, CPP

Kenneth W LaMulle, Jr., CPP
Robert B Matthews, CPP
Patrick M McCreary, CPP
Andrew R Myers, CPP
Gaurav Negi, CPP
Erin R Parks, CPP
Michael D Phillips, CPP
Michael C Pietrantuono, CPP
David A Potter, CPP
Eduardo E Radaelli, CPP
Timothy E Reed, CPP
Jonathan Rose, CPP
Pedro D Ruiz, CPP
Natalie D Runyon, CPP
Craig D Schermerhorn, CPP
Mohamed K Talha, CPP
Simon Eng-hu Tan, CPP
Gary S Wolf, CPP
Robert K Yribe, CPP


Keith Brown, PCI
Neftali Carrasquillo, Jr., CPP, PCI
Kenneth L Collins, PCI
Kevin T Foley, PCI
Brian M Gardner, PCI
Paul McEvoy, CPP, PCI

Kristiina Mellin, CPP, PSP, PCI
Chris F Olney, PCI
Lauren Russo, PCI
Warren L Smith, PCI
Robyn R Thomson, PCI


Lennart Andersson, PSP
David K Binkley, PSP
Miguel O Guzman, CPP, PSP
Johan Heidenfors, PSP
Marcus Lindsey, PSP
Max Lindstedt, PSP
Kevin J Long, PSP

Melissa A McCullough, PSP
Claes Metelius, PSP
HuaJun Ren, PSP
Jennifer Seibel, PSP
Jonathan S Stagg, PSP
Caleb D Weir, PSP

November 2011


Dan P Belai, PSP, CPP
Stephen Casey, CPP
David J Clark, CPP
Joseph Conrey, CPP
Chris J Cubbage, CPP
William B Davis, CPP
Shaun Dixson, CPP
William A Donaldson, CPP
Martin D Drew, CPP
Jeffrey Ellis, CPP
Steven Exley, CPP
Andrew Tuck-Chee Fan, CPP
Hayden George, PSP, CPP
Matthew R Grewe, CPP
Mark G Halewood, CPP
Jeffrey J Iverson, CPP
Brian S Johnson, CPP
Hayden T Kangalee, CPP
Myrah L Kirkwood, CPP
Henry Lake, CPP
Patrick E Landis, CPP
George Kiu Ki Lee, CPP

Richard Lee, CPP
Jon Machado, CPP
Brandon Mahon, CPP
David W Mason, CPP
Andrew B Neckar, CPP
Uchenna E Nwokafor, PSP, CPP
Michael Rider, CPP
Ricky N Robertson, CPP
Asborn E Richards, CPP
John A Rudolph, CPP
Alan Smith, CPP
Ernest Soto, CPP
Luke M Steele, CPP
Brett Stefansson, CPP
Stephen Wee-Wah Tan, CPP
Dean Tow, CPP
Scott B Tuttle, CPP
Douglas M Vincent, CPP
Wallace Walker, CPP
Robin Wilson, CPP
Natalie J A Woods, CPP
Gregory W Woosley, CPP


Sanjay K Bhatt, PSP, CPP, PCI
John A Groseclose, PCI
Autumn L Lowry, PCI
James R McGuffey, CPP, PSP, PCI

Rachel J Richards, PCI
Carlos A Rodriguez, PCI
Mark Westervelt, CPP, PCI


Ehhiosu F Aganmwonyi, PSP
Shelton Allen, PSP
Joseph Andrews, PSP
Eduardo N Battestin, PSP
Robert H C Bayley, PSP
Steve R Butler, PSP
Terrence Campbell, PSP
Donald A Cherry, Jr, PSP
AJ Cimino, PSP
Bruce Connors, CPP, PSP
Jeffrey L DeWeese, PSP
Nicholas Doulgeris, PSP
Jason C Flint, PSP
Joey C Gauthier, PSP
Aristides E Guillen, PSP
Patrick D Harrison, PSP
Lenox H Hetridge, PSP
Evans E Ikhuoria, PSP
Robert P Jaques, PSP
Gregory Kemper, PSP
John G Kerster, PSP
Patrick W Klaassen, PSP
Russell Thomas Law, PSP
Jamie MacMillan, PSP
Skeeter D McKenzie, PSP
William D Moisant, CPP, PSP

Dennis J Mott, CPP, PSP
Scott O'Neal, PSP
David T Obot, PSP
Patrick Chiedu Ogbogbo, PSP
Christopher A Okosun, PSP
Gbenuade Joko Olanitori, PSP
Hector Uwadiegwu Oparaji, PSP
Teresa D Orem, PSP
Vasileios Petropoulos, PSP
John W Pettit, CPP, PSP
Robert A Prady, PSP
Peter C Pritchard, PSP
Robert E Rapien, PSP
Charles T Reed, PSP
Michael Sanicola, PCI, CPP, PSP
Colin J Spring, CPP, PSP
Wondwossen Tamene, PSP
Adrian Chi-Ming Tang, CPP, PSP
Joshua M Theders, PSP
Edmund J Thomas, CPP, PCI, PSP
George G Wagner, PSP
Dena C Watson-Richards, PSP
Mark A Webster, PSP
Shawn M Whalen, PSP
Gordon A Willcocks, CPP, PSP
Shing-Kam Yip, CPP, PCI, PSP

October 2011


Issac O Akinjogunla, CPP
Mark G Allen, CPP
Solomon Asen, PSP, CPP
Lawrence E Bondoc, CPP
M. Miles Burden, CPP
James Carmichael, CPP
Darius A Cooper, CPP
Christopher C Egbuna, CPP
Richard C Flies, CPP
Anthony K Gledhill, CPP
David S Hawtin, CPP
Sandeep Khajuria, CPP
Juan Carlos Marin, CPP
Richard P McLean, CPP
Dennis E Merrel, CPP
Tracy N Montgomery, CPP
Ashish Nangia, CPP

Menuchim L M Okpara, CPP
Augustine Uche Onyejekwee, CPP
Collins C Onyewuchi, CPP
Halima S Oriabure, CPP
Tara Petterson-Rowbottom, CPP
Michael D Potter, CPP
James J Power, CPP
Thomas Richey, CPP
Nicholas W Santillo, Jr, PSP, CPP
Frank Schaddelee, CPP
Razaq A Shodeko, PSP, CPP
Andre St-Pierre, CPP
Larry Stacy, CPP
John Studt, CPP
Willem Van Egmond, CPP
Mark Westervelt, CPP
Larry D Woods, CPP


Brandon Bird, PCI
Sharon Braswell, PCI
Joyce A Brown, PCI
Edward L Forbes, PCI

Michael Kelly, CPP, PSP, PCI
Frank R May, PCI
Brandon K Wanner, PCI


Ethan Ace, PSP
Theophilus Andrew, PSP
Nicholas Ano, PSP
Scott Bryan, PSP
Michael Bush, PSP
Linda Gagliardo, PSP
Adam J Groom, PSP
John M Henderson, PSP
Thomas L Kaucheck, CPP, PSP

James D Kennedy, PSP
Clint J Mondell, PSP
Eric P Moreau, PSP
Patrick Chiedu Ogbogbo, PSP
Michael Ostberg, PSP
Daniel Rasins, PSP
Katherine F St Ange, PSP
John B Tunell, CPP, PSP
Elizabeth A Uyeda, PSP

September 2011


Daniel L Arnett, CPP
Terry L Boling, CPP
Onyemaechi Chigbu, CPP
Joseph W Clements, CPP
Michael D Deford, CPP
George N Frandsen, CPP
Chris Freeman, PSP, CPP
David A Gordon, CPP
Marcus Holboke, CPP
Mark A Lunsford, PSP, CPP
Joseph J Mato, Jr, CPP
Leland W Maxey, CPP
Ian M Nash, CPP
David G Rickerson, PSP, CPP
Ted Samul, CPP

Daniel Sanford, CPP
Andrea T Schultz, CPP
Leroy Scott, Jr, CPP
Donald L Shellenberger, CPP
Junius A Simon, Jr, CPP
Dustin l Snyder, CPP
Thomas R Stutler, CPP
Adam Szylvester, CPP
Stephen L von Hasseln, CPP
Aaron Whitney, CPP
Robert Wiest, CPP
David A Williams, CPP
Kenneth D Williams, CPP
Greg Wurm, CPP


Lukas Drlik, PCI
Lorraine M Galvin, PCI
Jeffery A Rose, PCI

William C Smith, CPP, PSP, PCI
Allan R Wick, CPP, PSP, PCI


Jose A Abreu, CPP, PSP
Jay Scott Bell, PSP
Marc-Oliver Bindner, PSP
Kenneth Wayne Chance, PSP
Trent E Foster, PSP
Derek Henderson, PSP
Christopher M Holzhauer, PSP

Ibigoni Amieoku Kalio, CPP, PCI, PSP
Eric A Kay, PSP
Todd A Kotlaba, PSP
Daniel P LeDonne, PSP
Phillip P Pohlman, PSP
Maudline Porri, PSP
William C Thompson, Jr, PSP

August 2011


Sanjay K Bhatt, PSP, CPP
John D Biniaz, CPP
Whit Chaiyabhat, CPP
Bill Daniel, CPP
Goran D Eliasson, CPP
Paul J Gillin, CPP
Deepak Kajla, CPP
Timothy Klass, CPP
Alexis I Larsson, CPP
Bruce David Leinweber, CPP
Shan L Martin, CPP
Rose M. Miller, CPP

Rick Murray, CPP
Alvin V Newton, CPP
Donald J Ostmann, CPP
Kiok-Yang Quek, CPP
Arvind K. Sharma, CPP
Kimberly D Sheridan, CPP
Frank J Taormina, CPP
Dominic Venturi, CPP
Larry A Washington, CPP
Dominic D Yin, CPP
Keith A Young, CPP


Christopher Amato, PSP, PCI
Alvin K Brown, CPP, PCI
William P Carr, PCI
Glenn A Dove, PCI

David A Durbano, PSP, PCI
Lando D Rajola-Pescarini, PCI
Harold Wax, CPP, PCI


Jose A Barros, PSP
Sundeep S. Bhambra, PSP
Roger Bystroem, PSP
Calvin J Daniels, PSP
Steven J Greis, CPP, PSP
Gregory A Hollingsead, CPP, PSP

Paul P Jackson, PSP
Stefan J Jones, PSP
Jeremy D Latzig, PSP
Brian C Mann, CPP, PSP
Derek Swalls, PSP
Brandi Wilson, PSP

July 2011


Erik Antons, CPP
Beth Binde, CPP
Thomas Bradberry, CPP
Daniel C Burch, Jr, CP
Brendan J Burke, CPP
Paul C Cameron, CPP
Sean D Chesterfield, CPP
Isaach Choong, CPP
Juan L Cobian, CPP
Paul Curwell, CPP
Miguel DeCoste, CPP
Terry Gibson, CPP

Steven J Greis, CPP
Robert C Hilton, CPP
Richard L Jansen, CPP
Laki Karageorgos, CPP
Michael J Mann, PSP, CPP
Don L Metcalf, Jr, CPP
Rene Meulman, CPP
James E Robbins, CPP
Kevin M Siegmund, PSP, CPP
Scott w. Taylor, CPP
Matthew L Warmington, CPP


Robert W Day, CPP,PCI 
Samuel L Del Rosario, PCI
Misty R Ladd, CPP, PCI

Brian S Morgan, PCI
Ronald C Richards, PCI


Sid Elahmad, PSP
Marco Facini, PSP
Regius Guillory, PSP
James D Hunley, PSP
Michael Kelley, PSP
Jay C McCormick, PSP

Mudasar Nawaz, PSP
Rodney Brockette Parr, PSP
Siva Sabapathy, CPP,PSP
William Sauntry, PSP
Shahid Sharif, PSP
Javier Zabaneh, PSP