JT Environmental provides clients with assistance to the following security applications and standards:

ISO 27001

Was officially created in 2005. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) allows organizations to ensure compliance to systematically examine the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.

Providing such a unique background ensures to all outside clients as well as the organization that security is at the forefront of the company, and within the appropriate industry(ies).

JT Environmental Consulting is proud to have a CPP on-staff. As the emphasis on protecting people, property, and information increases, it has strengthened the demand for professional managers. A Certified Protection Professional has demonstrated their competency in the areas of security solutions and best-business practices through an intensive qualification and testing program.

JT Environmental Certified Professionals


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design was created in the 1960s but has become more mainstream in recent years. By designing, maintaining, or updating one's surroundings, crime can be prevented. Very simply, if it is easier to see a potential crime then any potential offender is less likely to commit such a crime. This can be accomplished easily by increased lighting, maintaining clear lines of sight by trimming trees and bushes, etc.


Data destruction is a growing necessity to ensure safety both within an organization, as well as providing services for other materials that may be received from other outside organizations. NAID is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services.

The NAID Certification Program is offered on a voluntary basis to all NAID member companies providing information destruction services. Through the program, NAID members may seek certification audits for Mobile and/or Plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micro media and/or computer hard drive destruction. The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance.

Access Employee Training Program (AETP)

JT Env. is proud to have been approved by NAID to deliver an Access Employee Training Program (AETP). To comply, all access employees must successfully complete the NAID AETP. The training is designed to ensure that access employees understand their responsibilities under the NAID certification program as well as the data breach notification requirements of current data protection regulations. Members may utilize JT Env.'s training (English and Spanish) - offered via: in person training, computer/internet/cloud or even Facetime/Skype/Etc. remote live training.

Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

JT Environmental Consulting is proud to have a CSDS on-staff. A Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) on-staff. A CSDS acknowledges an individual's competency in broad range subject matter areas related to the secure destruction of information and the secure destruction of other items. A CPP is the designation required for any NAID auditor for data destruction to the NAID AAA certification.

More information on NAID Certification


Data destruction is a growing necessity to ensure safety both within an organization, as well as providing services for other receiving materials from outside companies. The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) IT Asset Disposal Standard is now available for companies operating in the IT Asset Recovery / Disposal industry in the North American region.

Launched in the UK in 2010, ADISA is a group of leading experts on the area risk management, compliance and data protection within the area of IT Asset Disposal. Developers and owners of an IT Asset Disposal Standard which focuses exclusively on the security aspects of IT and Telecommunication asset recovery.

The primary ADISA objective is to highlight the IT security risk within the asset recovery process and to work with all parties to help improve service quality, raise professionalism and ensure data is protected by an acceptable sanitization process.

JT Environmental Consulting is proud to have worked closely with ADISA as formerly being the only approved firm in North America to assist with certification implementation, prior to the current global footprint where ADISA now has a full time presence within the US.

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Our certified consultants can also provide assistance with both on-site and off-site security auditing, active shooter training, physical security, force protection, etc