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Food safety is always important, from the producer to the manufacturer to the store to the consumer. Guiding food through these processes is becoming more and more stringent. Let our certified professionals assist in earning certification to any of food safety practices and or standards that would best suit one's company.

Food Defense

With the constant threat of terrorism, disgruntled employees, or other potential threats to the food supply, security should be the first priority. Does your company have a Food Defense Plan, Emergency Response Plan, or any other important plan in place to help mitigate potential attacks?

ISO 22000

Created to help certify companies in the food industry to ensure food safety standards are met and upheld. A company's HACCP plan and hazard analysis' are key to implementing and maintaining a functional system.

FSSC 22000

The Foundation for Food Safety Certification was founded in 2004. The Foundation developed FSSC 22000 based certification scheme for certification of food manufacturers. This standard is supported by the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the European Union (CIAA). The standard is also recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

FSSC 22000 requires that a company is certified to the ISO 22000 as well as PAS 220 to earn an FSSC certification designation.


The Global Standard for Food Safety was first developed in 1998 to enable suppliers to be audited by third party Certification Bodies against a single consistent standard. Built on the principles of clear risk based requirements, informative report format and auditor competence, the Standard has continued to develop and evolve with input from a wider base of international stakeholders including retailers, caterers, food manufacturers and Certification Bodies.

This standard is key to any EU – European Union company, but is also becoming very recognized in the US as an emerging Food Safety Standard. BRC has been accepted by the GFSI (The Consumer Goods Forum).


The SQF Program now provides one standards that applies to all industry sectors in the food industry.

The SQF Code is intended to support industry or company branded products and offers benefits to suppliers and their customers. The standard is a process and product certification which focuses on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based food safety and a quality management system that utilizes the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Food (NACMCF) and the CODEX Alimentarius Commission HACCP principles and guidelines. Products produced and manufactured under the SQF Code certification retain a high degree of acceptance in global markets, and has been accepted by the GFSI (The Consumer Goods Forum).

Online Food Safety Software Management Program

Exclusive for any organization within the food industry, all related documentation geared towards any certification or standard(s) can now be uploaded and tracked via any online device. This allows for smoother audits, better control with automatic updates for weekly or monthly checks, as well as a more organized overall complete system.

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Our certified consultants can also provide vendor and supplier approval through verification and on-site auditing. As well as restaurant assistance to ensure permits and licenses can be maintained, or findings can be mitigated and corrected as quickly and safely as possible to keep your organization running smoothly.